Facts and FAQs

Quick Facts:

  1. Coursed.co is a self-service website. You can download the courses here for free in exchange for viewing ads served by AdLinkCash. But funds coming from ads is too small that it’s not worth our time. If you don’t know how to download or extract the zip files, you better read our guide here and figure it out yourself or request a private link for a fee. We only provide support to those who pay for a private download link.
  2. We don’t accept an upload request, only, a private download link request via email which is not free. The free option is only available on this website using public links. Requesting a link via email has a convenience fee.
  3. We don’t do a re-upload. If the links are dead, move on to another course or request the private link of that course.
  4. Private link request is not free and it’s per course. We deliver the link (using mega.nz only) manually so we need to charge for the extra hassle and for the storage fees. Our private download links have no bandwidth limit so you don’t need to buy a mega.nz premium account because we already paid for it.
  5. We don’t sell courses here. We only charge a convenience fee for the link request of our copy of the course not the course itself.
  6. We don’t guarantee that our copy of the course is complete. We don’t personally buy the courses. We are only getting them from various membership sites so we can’t guarantee that our copy of the course is complete.
  7. We don’t offer a membership plan at all. What we offer is a patron account which you can use to skip AdLinkCash and its ads only. We also don’t offer an option to access all the private links.
  8. Our convenience fee is fixed and not negotiable even if you’re a frequent private link requester. Please don’t negotiate with the convenience fee, if you don’t like it, then, please find another course provider. We don’t want to spend our time on hagglers.
  9. Don’t ask for video proof if we really have the course. A scammer is always ready to provide you with proof. They can just ask for a proof from a legit seller and then forward it to you. I find it a waste of time. What we can give you is a screenshot of the course so you can have an overview of what you’ll be getting before paying for the private download link.
  10. This website is just a side project built for learners not whiners. Please don’t email me begging to give you the private download link for free because you are poor, just a student or for whatever stupid reasons you can think of. If the links of the course is dead and you don’t have an extra money to pay for the private download link, move on to another course. I also don’t have extra money to pay for a private link before and I don’t mind spending my time searching, waiting and clicking ads just to get the course I wanna learn for free. If you don’t like this website, then, move on to find another website. This website is not built for whiners. I built it for the people who really want to learn. No excuses!

Problems and Complaints

Here are the problems I frequently received from emails and comments:

  1. File is corrupted; unexpected end of data, etc. You got this error because the software (7-zip or Keka) can’t find the rest of the zip files. Make sure you downloaded all the zip files and the naming and extension pattern is correct. I frequently received this complaint but when I checked their screenshot, there’s always one or two files missing. 
  2. Data error; wrong password. This is the result of #1. The software can’t find the other files so it prompted you that maybe you entered the wrong password. But this is a false alarm unless you really entered the wrong password.
  3. Can’t open or extract the second zip file, etc. This is normal. You really can’t open the rest of the files except the first zip file because all files are connected to each other and the first file is the head (door or gate).
  4. Virus warning. The files are clean. This warning is directed to the popup ads not the file itself. Just close the popup website and you’re good to go.
  5. 403 Forbidden. You got this error because your internet service provider (ISP) is blocking the website like Zippyshare. You can either use a VPN or request a mega link via email.
  6. Video is not playing. If the unzipping is completed successfully, please try to use the latest version of VLC player. If you can’t play it with VLC, maybe the file is really corrupted. Sometimes the original buyer who shared the course didn’t download the file properly. I can’t do anything about it because I don’t have access to the original file.
  7. Timer isn’t working in AdLinkCash. Maybe a browser extension or your anti-virus is blocking the script from loading. That’s why the timer isn’t working. I’ve tested the script with three browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and two computers; all are working fine.

Here are the complaints I frequently received:

  1. Fuck you, fake files. I just ignored this message. If this is you, I suggest you read this page, so you’ll know how to download the courses shared here.
  2. Too hard to download the files. It is necessary to put the ads on download links because no one will donate if I just put the raw download links on the page. The income from banner ads isn’t enough to pay the hosting bills. So if you don’t want this extra hassle, you can get a patron account for $9.99 to skip the AdLinkCash’s captcha, timer and ads.
  3. Why are you sharing the hard work of other people? Yes, I’m guilty of this. But if they sell their courses at affordable and fair price, their courses won’t appear here. There are also people who make a living selling overpriced courses without doing what they teach. I am just making their courses available to those who can’t afford it but is willing to learn. Because I believed that lack of knowledge (which turn to skills) is the cause of poverty. Let’s not argue on whose right or wrong here because we have different ideology.