Jay Abraham – Creating Your Own Business Success

This Works In Virtually Any Industry, With Almost Any Product, In Nearly Any Economy —
Whether You Already Own A Business Or Are Just Getting Started!
Today, you can discover over 100+ sales-generating, wealth-creating, profit-producing tactics (taught by the highest-paid marketing consultant on the planet)…
… resulting in multiple sources of passive and active income for yourself — in your current business or a brand-new venture — by ethically “borrowing” other people’s already-existing assets and using them for yourself.
Plus, you will see:

  • How to grow, scale, and maximize your profits using effective strategies (and if you’re savvy enough… no extra capital required).
  • The #1 most easily-executable — and painfully overlooked — method to generate cash windfalls in nearly any business.
  • A new and enticing path to becoming a highly-revered entrepreneur… consultant… even power player in nearly any network you wish to join.
  • How to finally out-think, out-earn, and out-class your competition — in almost any industry imaginable.
  • The insights, secrets, and building blocks of my own multi-billion-dollar business success story — and how you can capitalize on them to create your OWN business success, too.

I’ve generated $21.7 billion in life-changing wealth for myself, my clients, and tens of thousands of people around the world.
The secret (if you can call it that) to my success is simple:
Discover “hidden profits” that your competitors stubbornly overlook and learn to leverage other people’s business assets instead of your own.
Today, I want to show you exactly how to employ these strategies too — it’s not hard, it doesn’t require “genius-level” marketing, yet it has the potential to create monumental results…
You might find this hard to believe… but it’s entirely possible to create MULTIPLE sources of high-yield profit centers that earn you a recurring income…
… without using much of your own capital, time, or personal resources to make it happen.
You Do NOT Need To Spend Your Own Money To
Enjoy Business Success Or Create A Sensational Name For Yourself
Because here’s the truth:
You can ethically persuade business owners — in virtually any industry, selling any product, in nearly any economy — to hand you a hefty percentage of THEIR profits… just by implementing a few of my simple (yet powerful) strategies.
This concept is utterly incomprehensible to most, but if you suspend your disbelief for just a few minutes, I’ll show you just what’s possible when executed correctly…

  • I advised a chain of convenience grocery stores and gas stations to try a “fun little experiment” for 30 days — this added $900,000 of pure profit to their business over the next 12 months…
  • ​A landscaping firm I consulted tried one of my more unconventional and overlooked strategies — their sales spiked by 40% with no extra work on their end…
  • ​I taught a child’s singing teacher how to triple her income, month-by-month, consistently and predictably…
  • ​The owner of an electronics firm in Arizona put one of my tactics to work for their business — it added as much as $60,000 in new revenue to their enterprise.
  • ​​And a car dealer I worked with doubled his business by adding ONE extra sentence to their sales pitch (yes, one sentence added to their pitch 2x’ed their business. That’s the power of this strategy)…

These results are sudden, life-changing, yet exist right under the noses of every business I’ve consulted — and that’s a whopping 10,000+ companies by now.
Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs… maybe even you… spend their entire careers chasing a financial breakthrough — yet are completely oblivious to the goldmine of wealth below their feet.
Whether you’ve never started a business before…
Or you’re a grizzled veteran with years of hard-fought experience in the bloodied trenches of business building…
You can implement any one of these 100+ profit-producing, sales-generating tactics to secure MULTIPLE sources of income for yourself and finally create YOUR own business success.
The idea is simple: leverage other people’s already-existing assets instead of your own.
You might think it’s easier said than done — and you’d be correct — however, stop and ask yourself this:
Why Do The “Unlucky” 99% Of Businesses Struggle To Extract Any Life-Changing Amount Of Income From Their Fledgling Companies…
… While The Top 1% Of Business Building Icons Yield Satisfying Levels Of Fame, Profit, & Freedom From Their Superior Enterprises?
Here’s the answer:
The top 1% follow a different strategy that truly maximizes results while minimizing resources.
By simply altering your strategy, you can open up an entirely new world of business opportunities that you never knew existed.
It’s such a shame to see so many promising entrepreneurs underperform their capability to deliver more income, certainty, profits, and wealth to engineering their desired lifestyle.
… but why does that happen?
You’re probably noticing that there’s an endless amount of information, tactics, and so-called “strategies” that claim to give you breakthrough business results.
(In fact, the invention of the internet — although amazing — has created a cesspool of horrid advice from untrained, unqualified, and inexperienced cash-grabbers who have zero clue about real strategic marketing principles that generate real profits.)
Trying to sift and sort through this mess of information is like trying to untangle a Gordian Knot with both hands tied behind your back — it’s impossible.
Which leads me to my next point…
How Do You Identify GOOD Advice…
— (The Kind That Gives You Quick, Easy, & Repeatable Cash Windfalls) —
From UGLY, Unproven, Untested Advice?
Answering this question can save you years of torment and moments where you feel like quitting and burning everything to the ground.
The good news is…
Once you discover what actually works, higher levels of achievement are much more attainable. Take a look at a few of my clients:

  • ​I showed a plastic surgeon who offers facial cosmetic packages how to average $1,000 more per sale than his colleagues.
  • ​In my neighborhood, there’s a young man whose mother owns a small garden shop in the area. By showing this young man how to identify hidden opportunities in his mom’s business, he was able to create an extra $200,000 per year income for himself — about the same the garden shop would make that year.
  • ​An attorney I worked with generated three million dollars worth of fee income (all in a single year) by finding unused assets that had been overlooked.
  • ​​Another landscaping service client of mine grew his business by 33% in one year by enlisting the help of his clients to do the marketing for him… with zero upfront costs.
  • ​And a software company I worked with out of Tulsa, Oklahoma grew their sales by 900% — just by adding one extra step in their sales process.

Don’t get me wrong — my clients didn’t always get these kinds of results. That’s why they brought me on as a consultant in the first place.
However, their lack of results is not their fault because what you might not realize is…
Generating Clients, Customers, & Profits Is NOT Getting Easier For Most Entrepreneurs…
The market is changing — fast.
Big platforms online are making it “pay to play” which forces the little guy out from getting his piece of the pie (unless you have deep pockets or own a multi-million-dollar corporation, which probably isn’t the case)…
A torrential flood of clueless entrepreneurs are entering nearly every industry across the board and making it harder to stand out and get attention.
That’s why the competitive landscape is saturating and becoming highly volatile — truthfully, in harsh environments like this, most people simply won’t succeed…
Do you want to know who’s really getting the short end of the stick here?
The customers we’re serving.
No wonder it feels hard to get new customers and clients — they’re all being bombarded by over-hyped marketing claims and underwhelming products… and they have no idea who to trust with their hard-earned money anymore.
However, did you stop to think that… maybe it’s just you?
Maybe no matter how hard you try… how many tactics you deploy… you’ll just never realize the level of business success you’ve always wanted?
It’s painful because this is exactly what’s going on in the hearts and minds of so many well-intentioned, hard-working people that deserve a big breakthrough.

Jay Abraham – Creating Your Own Business Success

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